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Homemade goat’s milk cheese. Delicious eggs. Warm ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine. These were some of the things that prompted a group of friends to pool our talents, resources, time, energy and love into a small farm cooperative outside of Elgin, Illinos.

McQueen Station Farm Cooperative is a values-driven community working to produce locally grown, healthy food in a sustainable manner for the primary purpose of distribution to members.

Queenie, our original mascot!

Our broader mission is to learn, grow, and share with ourselves and others, working to encourage the growth of our local economy, helping to create and sustain vibrant, livable communities.



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One of the goals of starting this cooperative Farm was developing a good sense of community. No one of us has the resources and time to run a farm, but together we do. Through this process, we’ve gotten to know some pretty great people.

Our sense of community naturally led us to the concept of teamwork. We split up the daily and weekly routine work among our livestock, garden, maintenance and business teams. This allows everyone to contribute in a capacity that works best for them individually and for the Farm as a whole.

The full benefit of a larger community really shows at our Farm Work Days, where the teams come together to tackle big projects for the Farm. We often begin or end these days with a potluck for our members.



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