Our Garden

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Our garden is based on developing the most bio-dynamic soil possible. The garden team creates each garden bed by laying down lasagna layers of farm-based carbon and nitrogen rich material. The layers are allowed to break down before planting is done.

We have several composting stations on site that were custom built by Farm members. Using spent bedding, manure, and ordinary kitchen scraps, we produce compost that fuels our soil and nourishes our vegetables. All of our garden plots and plants are free from chemical fertilizers and hazardous treatments.

In our first year, we planted 14 different kinds of vegetables, and harvested nearly 600lbs of produce throughout the growing season. As our membership expands, we expand the number of garden plots in operation. Currently, we are up to 20 different veggies, including various greens, squash, beans, hot & sweet peppers, heirloom tomatoes, onion and garlic.



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