Farm Work Day

Dates: 04/12/2014 Dates: 04/12/2014 Times: 09:00 - 13:00 Location: McQueen Station Farm

We have a loooooooooong list of projects to get started and we need all hands on deck. Here’s a rough list of things to do. Don’t get overwhelmed…Many hands make light work!
  • Replace wood on existing raised beds in picket garden
  • Reconfigure existing raised beds in pasture garden
  • Build 1 additional raised bed in pasture garden
  • Expand garden between hoophouse & pallet garden (build fencing, prep soil as needed)
  • Expand garden in pasture area/ move and/or build new fencing as needed
  • Lay cardboard down for new growing areas
  • Create planting bed/prep soil for blueberry plants
  • Create terraced planting bed for perennial herb garden
  • Build new gate to enter pasture garden
  • Replace fence around picket garden
  • Build garden cubbies in milkhouse. (needed by mid-late may)
  • Build hatch in east barn door so chickens can go in and out
  • Replace missing window pane in the milk house
  • Fix gate into the chicken’s area (make it more of a door w hinges).
  • Build a separate area in barn for chicks



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