Evening Chores (revised 11/8/15)

Evening Chores

Laying Hens:

All of the laying hens are living on the west side of the coop, so in the evenings, you just need to make sure they are all inside and lock up the hatch on the west side of the coop.  After you’ve fed and watered them, gather the eggs, make sure the windows are closed, and close up the doors.  There is a lamp that is on a timer to provide extra light in the mornings and evenings – please do not turn it off or use the light switch on the wall.  If you arrive in the dark and the extra lamp is not on, you can use the pull-chain on the lightbulb to turn on the extra bulb.


The main evening chore for the goats is milking, which is outlined here.  Cookie is drying off, but you should check her to make sure her teats aren’t full-to-bursting.  Marshmallow is still producing a nice amount of milk so continue milking her each night.  If you are milking early in the week (Sunday, Monday, and maybe Tuesday) the milk will be used to fill weekly shares.  Once the weekly shares have been filled, use quart-sized freezer containers to freeze the extra milk.  If there aren’t any freezer containers available, you can clabber the excess milk so it can be fed to the chickens.  (To clabber, pour the extra milk into one of the yogurt containers by the milking stand and place the cover on it.  It will be ready to feed to the chickens after 48 hours.)  After milking, the goats should be lead to the eastern-most stall where they will spend the night.  Make sure the water in the stall is filled and give them one or two flakes of hay.

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